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My name is Donna I'm a mum of 2 beautiful boys.

Before using Herbalife I was a serious yo yo dieter. Before every occasion or vacation I would go on a diet. 
I wasn't sleeping well, I was always tired, drinking 6-8 cups of coffee a day & only eating once a day to try to keep my weight down. 
I jumped on my nutrition program.... I couldn't believe how much more I could get done during the day.

My energy was amazing.... 
I stopped drinking coffee & with the amazing nutrition I lost 3kg & started eating during the day. 

I've now lost 9% body fat & put on 5kg of muscle. Thank you Herbalife!



As much as this photo shows how far I've come, this photo shows so much more.

The pic where I'm big was taken in Paris. A place you should be happy, excited and instead it shows in my face I was far from that. I was not comfortable being in pictures.

For years I ignored what I became because self belief doesn't exist when your self esteem is at a low. Today I am a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON.

I have goals and I know I have a massive future. Basically all I'm saying is don't settle for what situation you're in now. You may feel like it's as good as it's going to get, but slowly, slowly one step at a time it can get better then it can become AMAZING!!!!

If i can do it anyone can. It took 1 year to lose 35kgs and the decision to take action is one that has saved my life.



I started my journey with Herbalife Nutrition just over a year ago.
I wanted to lose weight and gain more energy. 
I have lost 40kgs on the products and I am super happy and healthy and oh more crazy energy. 

Stop waiting and make a move to a NEW HEALTHIER YOU.




Ally is a busy mum of twins and has been using the products for over 14 YEARS!

She was previously a nurse and reliant on chocolate and coffee to get through the day.

Now she's got plenty more energy and has managed to stay super active throughout her pregnancy!

Now she is looking and feeling even better than before her pregnancy!
Well done Ally!



I was working as a chef full time, i was feeling unhealthy from tasting all the food that went out to the customers to make sure it was seasoned well, and unhappy from working 40+ hours in the kitchen while all my friends were out having fun and enjoying themselves. 

I started a program and in 2 months I lost 5 KGS, gained 3kgs of healthy muscle, gained more energy and dropped my body fat %.

Now I continue to better my health results every month with the Monthly challenges 
my personal best was gaining 2kg of lean muscle mass in 2wks with the awesome

'Rebuild Strength' recovery shake and losing 3% body fat.



Hello! My name is Shaniqua and here is my story: 

Before Herbalife I was a former weight-loss surgery patient that started gaining weight. If you know anything about weight-loss surgery, this is typical for 50% of patients to gain about 8% of the weight lost back after 2 years. I had made it 3 years without a significant weight gain and then put on 30 lbs (7%). I wanted to keep the weight off. Not become one of the statistics. I also was lacking energy to get through my day working as a teacher. Once I started Herbalife, I lost the 30 lbs that I had gained in 3 months and I have maintained it for a year now. Not only that I now have the energy to keep up with the children I work with and workouts! I no longer feel tired and sluggish all day. Thank you Herbalife!!



Before Herbalife I struggled my whole life losing weight. I was ashamed of my big legs that were full of cellulite and I never felt comfortable in a bikini.

I didn’t like to exercise at all and did not know how to get the body I desperately wanted.

Almost 3 years ago I started my Challenge and I lost 8 kg, dropped 11% bodyfat, I started to enjoy exercise and build lean mass.

Today I am 26 years old and I have more energy than ever before in my life and I feel and look better than with 20 years of age.



Before Herbalife I was 90 kg.
I used to have low energy all the time and I was always tired. 

Then I started using Herbalife products, my energy level increased and I gained 17kg of lean mass.

I have maintained it for 5 years now and I love this healthy active lifestyle