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Your Coaches

Who are we? 

A couple committed to helping others change their lives!

What we do is simple

We teach people from around the world about proper nutrition and inspire them to live a healthy and active lifestyle with our online body transformation challenge.

We aim to connect with our members on a personal level and are literally there for support around the clock. This in many cases leads to unbreakable, family like bonds. 

We love what we do. It's who we are!! 

Let's start your transformation!!

Our Start!

Before Herbalife Patrick was a Personal Trainer working long hours but could not get ahead of the bills every month. Christina just finished University and could not imagine being stuck in an 9 to 5 office job for the rest of her life.

Long story short, we got started on the products and got awesome result: Patrick gained lean mass and the energy he desperately needed. Christina struggled with her weight her whole life and finally managed to transform her body and fell in love with an healthy active lifestyle.

"We found the Herbalife opportunity and went full force with no excuses since day one. Herbalife can be very rewarding monetarily but to us it represents lives changed around the world.

We have a solid business, we spend our days together, work together but most importantly we have the time. Health and time, what a combination!

Remember, if you don't go after your dreams you'll end up working for someone else who did!"